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"AC/DC-Fever" As The Band Kicks Off Oz Tour In Melbourne Today

February 11, 2010

It's AC/DC-Fever today in Melbourne and all over Australia this month... The band hits Melbourne for the first date of the Black Ice Australian Tour tonight, their first visit downunder in 9 years, and signs of the band's presence are felt all over town.

ACDC Lane has been transformed into an AC/DC-shrine with posters plastered all over the street, courtesy of artist Ben Couzens and Cherry Bar owner James Young. The Cherry Bar will also have an AC/DC Week from Feb 10th to 15th with live bands every night, and Bon Scott personal letters on display which is sure to attract many DC Fans in town for the shows.
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The Triple M radio station Network has launched an AC/DC Digital station which will air AC/DC's music and interviews until the end of the Australian Tour. A Digital AC/DC station has also been launched in Perth.
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The "AC/DC: Australia's Family Jewels" exhibition is still going at The Arts Center in Melbourne until Feb. 28th, with hundreds of memorabilia spanning the band's entire career being displayed - rare posters, stage costumes, videos, vintage press clippings, etc. It's the first exhibition approved by the band themselves and a rare opportunity to check out AC/DC items outside of the vaults...
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At the RAW Gallery in South Melbourne, a photo exhibition with rare and early photographs from Philip Morris opened on Feb. 9th and will close on Feb 29th.
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A second photo exhibition is taking place in Sydney at Blender Gallery. "It's A Long Way To The Top - A Photographic Tribute To AC/DC" opened Feb. 4 and runs until March 4th. It features photographs from Philip Morris, Bob King, Rennie Ellis, Tony Mott and Warren Macris.
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On February 23rd in Melbourne, thousands of musicians and supporters are planning to re-enact the film clip to "It's a Long Way to the Top" on the back of a flatbed truck in Swanston Street to protest the government's lack of support for live music. A video will be made and directed by Paul Drane, who filmed the original AC/DC clip for Countdown exactly 34 years earlier to the day.

This month also marks the 30th anniversary of Bon Scott's death on February 19th. Brian recently said in New Zealand: ""We're trying to think of something to do that's not morbid. We hate it when people try to use the anniversary as a sensation-seeking thing, so we want it to be respectful. His two nephews and his brother will be in Perth, and we'll see his mum. I'm sure the fans will be out in force with Bon paraphernalia and we welcome that because he's still a part of the band, he's still a part of us." The band will be in Sydney on February 19th with a show the previous night, and in Perth, Bon's hometown on March 6th & 8th.
Recent stories in the Australian press reported that in a bizarre turn of events Alistair Kinnear, who was the last man to see Bon alive, has himself vanished at sea on a trip from Marseille to Spain 3 years ago...

Finally, new tickets have just been released for the 3 Melbourne shows, available at Ticketmaster.
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