AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

  • Rock N Roll Train
  • Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  • Back In Black
  • Big Jack
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  • Shot Down In Flames
  • Thunderstruck
  • Black Ice
  • The Jack
  • Hells Bells
  • Shoot To Thrill
  • War Machine
  • High Voltage
  • You Shook Me All Night Long
  • T.N.T.
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Highway To Hell
  • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supported by: Wolfmother, Calling All Cars

    Tickets: A$99.00/149.90

    Promoter: Garry Van Egmond & Chugg Entertainment

    Capacity: 63,000

    Attendance: 61,490

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  • Fan reviews:

    By Kahlos, NZ:
    AWESOME, 5 times over...

    What's everyone whining about? sound? crowd? setlist? You should have been screaming the lyrics so loud you couldn't here anyone else anyway! or go home! Sound was awesome, crowd as working and setlist? who cares I 'll happily jam out to any 19 AC/DC tracks!!!

    Even managed to get on the "AC/DC Fans Rock Melbourne video clip" twice filmed before the first show OI OI OI


    By Plugged , Australia:
    Amazing, one of the greatest shows ever. All these years on the power and force of this band can't be denied. Absolutely sensational.

    By RaeleneK, Australia:
    Thank you AC/DC. Best show I've seen and I have seen the band 4 times. Loved every minute of it, the encore was the best bit.

    By serenity, Australia:
    I have waited over 25 years to see them... THE BEST NIGHT EVER.

    At home my Preparation was pretty sweet, My son Atari and I were rocking out... Atari loves ACCA too... It's just a pity that I couldn't take him....

    When the Rains came "THUNDERING" down... I KNEW that it was BON saying... Let there be ROCK!

    The Front door which was Closed Opened up, the back door too.... BON WAS IN MY HOUSE!!! Rocking out with ATARI and I....

    Getting to EDDY was POO.... My Hubby drove me in as there was Delays with the Trains... Got there 2 hours later from St. Albans... I was A little Pumped about what I was about to see!

    25 years... that's all I was saying to myself...

    My Aunty who saw them in there HEYDAYS was Reminiscing with me earlier in the day about HOW F***ING GOOD THEY ARE!


    Arena 2 of EDDY was Rocking its Socks off last night...

    Loved the Train... Loved the Bell... Loved ROSIE!.... LOVED THE iNDUCTION! THE CANNONS! For those about to ROCK... FIRE! BEST SHOW EVER...


    By Joanne, Australia:
    Well what can I say except the BEST night I have ever had in my life!

    I am not a fan of WOLFMOTHER but holy crap they got the crowd going!!! Then when the boys came out the crowd went absolutely wild! My husband and I were in Arena 1 so I was waiting for the pushing that goes with being in those spots but the crowd was fantastic!!!!

    The tribute to BON was just great had a tear in my eye but he was there with them ROCKING ON!

    Brian's voice was the best it's ever been!! And Angus well what can I say beside him looking old he still bloody moves like a guy in his teenage years! He enjoyed every minute of it and ever more than the awesome crowd!

    Thanks guys for making an awesome night for all your fans! It wasn't just the music it was everything!!! Rosie stay HOT babe and keep that leg moving!!LOL

    Welcome home boys and thanks again for the best experience of my life!!

    By fly on the wall, Australia:
    I'd winged my way over from Hobart to see this show, the first time I'd seen them live and I'm almost 40!!! Shame on me.

    This was everything I expected it to be [except for sweating it out in the humid hot sun, then getting drenched with the severe thunderstorm that came through]. The people lining up were all cool and got along well.

    The show was without compromise. The sound was loud, the light show was awesome, the images on the background screens were clever, Brian sounded fantastic and Angus was just, well, spectatular! And that encore bit, well... you'll just have to see it..

    Guys, we salute you. 10/10.

    By Julie Warner, Australia:
    I did not think it was possible for them to get better as time passed but they do!.

    Last night I took my 14 yo son to his first AC/DC concert and he is still in awe today. I was also 14 when I first saw them and was lucky to see them more than 7 times live at various venues. I am now 48.

    Thank you AC/DC for being able to touch all ages and bring them together for the greatest rock show on earth!!!

    By Sean, Australia:
    Great show I must say. However, I am surprised that they did not play one song from "Stiff Upper Lip", "Ballbreaker", "The Razors Edge" or "Blow Up Your Video".

    In fact, there were no songs played from albums between "Back In Black" (1980) and the latest album "Black Ice", except for For Those About To Rock... still, it was a great show and well worth it.

    By kartz, Australia:
    Concert Review: Wolfmother set maybe a little short but great, AC/DC great FN' show. However... Melbourne WTF were you doing, for a 60K crowd that sold out in 10 mins I was expecting to see some passion, HELL, I was expecting the majority of people to be singing the songs.

    What I saw was the biggest bunch of softies EVER. Big tough bearded bikey dudes, barely nodding their heads to the songs, and little kids who barely knew any of the songs and oldies who belonged back in they're seats in the stands not in the front crowd. Both AC/DC and Wolfmother deserved MUCH better, this isn't Sydney.

    Finally Accas good but generic - where the hell was Long way to the top? Seriously it didn't need to be polished, it didn't even need bagpipes but it needed to be personal.

    For those who didn't know Melbourne was one of the big launching pads for AC/DC's international career and for them not to acknowledge that was piss weak.

    By SteveD, Australia:
    In reply to Kartz - man, I've said this a thousand times in various reviews that coming from Europe, me and my mates have found that Australia is the worst place in the world to go to a concert.

    The crowds here never show any passion, have no idea how to start a mosh pit, have no idea how to jump up and down or even smile at a gig - just a polite round of applause at the end of a song or they give you a smack in the back of the head if you dare to move and try to enjoy yourself.

    I'm going to see Angus et all in Brisbane on the 27th and if there's no mosh pit I will never go to another gig here again - it's just too painfully boring to watch the non-interest from the crowds...

    By Ian, Australia:
    I agree with Kartz, the audience was sooo quiet compared to the last time I saw AC/DC.

    I thought Melbourne would go off. Only one encore coz the crowd just let them walk off!!! What about some chanting??

    And no Jailbreak, or Long way to the top?.

    Anyway, awesome night, great band, great sound, a truly awesome experience, loved it!!

    By greg, Australia:
    Was not the best show ever. Ethiad is just too big and the boys were a long way away. Rod Laver would have been better. I thought the show started slowly but after the first four songs it lifted. A good show yes but the sound at such a large venue is only OK. Sorry for me it did not go off like it did 8 years ago at Rod Laver. The boys did their best but not too many were standing up in the stands.

    By Anita, Australia:
    I have waited all my life to see AC/DC and the experience was the best and will never be forgotten. Angus is a f**kin legend they all are. I awoke this morning still with the smile on my face. I met some great people too last night the whole night was a blast, ringing ears, hoarse throat, sore neck what a night.

    By Susan, Australia:
    Really enjoyed the concert. There's not as much atmosphere in the seats though. Was kind of surprised they didn't play "Who Made Who". Angus was amazing- great energy!!

    By DD, Australia:
    AC/DC - one of the greatest bands still to keep on rocking. as was proven last night. the band was awesome. I felt the pyro show was a bit lacking but the band itself more than made up for it. Angus's guitar solo... Unbelievable. Was AWESOME NIGHT.


    By Braddles, Australia:
    Went along with Arena 3 tickets and once on the ground, thought we must get into arena 1. Some reckon work with my buddy and we slipped through checkpoint 1 from the concourse. Over the seats and waited by the fence. Made the jump and legged it into the crowd during Wolfmother. 10 metres from the runway, 20 from the stage... yep picked up a good posi ha ha. Heaps of fun and what a spectacle.

    I must confess, not being a hardcore AC/DC fan I was dubious whether I could last through the whole set (sometimes it's like 1 looong song). A bit disappointed no Jailbreak, Long way to the top (or chicks actually hanging their wobbly bits out) but nevertheless a good setlist.

    When's Phil going to stop being a robot drummer? It was definitely a 2 man show. Angus' stamina is amazing for an old bloke, but he should sacrifice quantity for quality though.

    Some extended solos and licks were a bit ordinary I must say... I'm a cynic I know, but not a hater. I listen to some really technical heavy metal so the bar is set high for my ears.

    For the general population it was awesome. Loved the intro and that train prop. Never seen so many brand new black T-Shirts in 1 place... Merch sales must have outsold ticket sales 10 to 1.

    Hope you've got General admission tickets folks... that's where the action is at.

    Well worth the effort. 8/10 boys.

    By Retire already, Australia:
    I love AC/DC but I can't stand the Black Ice Tour anymore.

    How can they tour for over a year and play the same songs, in the same order, every time? Yeah, it's great the first four, five, six times you hear it, then it starts getting a bit boring.

    I really wish Black Ice wasn't as successful as it was. The fans who follow them around the world now have to move over for the fans who only go to one or two shows.

    Is it that hard for them to throw in something a bit obscure for the rest of us?

    By BJ, Devonport, TAS:
    Awesome concert guys, 2 hours of power. However I have to agree with the comments of a few fans. The crowd participation to 'The Jack' was as weak as water compared to what I have seen on DVD's of past European concerts. I was expecting to be blown away by 60000 people singing 'she's got the jack!!!', but instead I felt half embarrassed to sing as hardly anyone was singing around me. It was slightly better for TNT, but I suppose that's what you get when the crowd has a lot of people that aren't ardent followers of the band.

    It was disappointing that the weather forced them to close the roof, because I'm sure the sound would of been top notch without the slight echo.

    But apart from those two minor things, the concert was an absolute cracker - great set list, fantastic lights and video. ROCK ON!!

    It was absolutely brilliant was not disappointed in any way wish I could go to it again.

    By Alec, Melbourne, Australia:
    AMAZING!! Non stop rock and the best songs did not stop yelling for 2 hours straight. The line up was perfect and all the effects, lights, cannons, fireworks were unbelievable and best of all LOUD!

    By Daniel Dade, UK, visiting Oz:
    In reply to Sean: What about 'Thunderstruck'... you clearly don't know your history. The reason the albums you mentioned are neglected is probably because, while very good, they weren't high points by Acca standards.

    Re. Melbourne poor audience reaction: I have to agree. I have traveled here from the UK and followed the tour across the US and Europe. Compared to audiences there, Oz crowds are like a bunch of old ladies at a vicarage cello recital.

    You'd piss yourselves at Donington!

    Ironic, given that it's home ground for the lads and Oz is supposed to be an in-your-face-culture - no wonder the guys had to leave. NZ audiences were FAR better - and Tasmania on the SUL outing... here's hoping that Sydney and Perth have some life!

    And get over no 'Long Way...' I'd love to see 'Riff Raff' or 'Down Payment Blues' over 'Big Jack' any day, but am just grateful they're still playing live. If somebody had told me in February 1980, just after Bon cashed in his chips, that the band would still be the best live act in the world 30 years on, I'd never have believed it!

    By Craig, Newcastle:
    Noticed a few reviews on here- Sean what about Thunderstruck that was from the Razors Edge album. And one of the reasons is Phil Rudd wasn't part of the band at that stage. I wouldn't want to play someone else's drums. Again guys you really need to get over all these crap about not playing Long Way or Jailbreak! Who cares, be happy they're alive and still doing what they love to do, especially that their age! Can't wait to see them in Sydney this Thursday and Monday! ohhh yeah!

    By James Dagiandas , Melbourne, VIC, Australia:
    The Thursday night concert of the 11/2/10 was the greatest experience of my short 7 year life. I especially loved the long solo at the end on Let there be rock from Angus!!!! Your the best rock band in the world. I loved the bunny hop from Angus and my favourite song was Thunderstruck. It was loud, sweaty, hot and electrifying.

    I have been practicing the bunny hop and I am beginning to learn the guitar this year.

    I really do hope that you come back again one day, so that I can be THUNDERSTRUCK and travel to the HIGHWAY TO HELL.

    Thank you for a great night,

    your little buddy and big fan, JAMES




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