AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

Coming soon.

Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Phil Rudd - Drums


Supported by: Slash's Snakepit

Tickets: $35.00 / 45.00

Promoter: Pace Concerts / SFX Entertainment

Capacity: 13,580

Attendance: 11,544

Fan reviews:

By Robert Martin, :
ACDC struck Dallas again with a heavy metal vengeance! First I will offer 2 complaints then tell you how great the show was.
Slash's Snakepit was a bit disappointing. they did play Mr Brownstone form the GNR days, but the set was only 30 minutes and the sound mix was one of the worst in I have ever heard.(it did improve for ACDC)
My second complaint was the price gouging that took place. The area was only 75% full. I think this happened for several reasons. The Dallas concert market is simply over saturated with shows...and the prices. 45 dollars was the average ticket price for the show...and the T-shirts and other item were so over priced. Not one shirt was under $35. Hats were $32. Sure guys your audience has grown up and are not the starving teens of the 70's but common that a bit too much. remember, your core audience has always been very blue collar.
No on to the review, 2 solid hours of classic hits and some surprises. Honestly they could play for 4 hours and not play ever song we all would want to hear. But the classics scuh as Dirty deeds, shook me all night long, for those about to rock, back in black, shook me all night long, the jack , tnt, etc they covered the biggest hits. They had a few surprises as well...shot down in flames, shoot to thrill, bad boy boogie, get it hot, hell ain't a bad place to be were all nice surprises when you consider some of the other "hits" excluded....but thanks for those. I was also glad that they replaced Satellite Blue with the best new song in years, Safe in NY city, in the set. Brian Johnson sounded much better than the last time they came to Dallas. Angus has slowed a little...but just a little. At 46 you'd expect that. I have been watching them since the 70's. He still moves like a very young man. The "climax" of the show had a hydrolic machine lift Angus in the air in the center of the arena during an extended on Let there be rock. An Angus Statue from the new album was on stage, and had red glowing eyes and would emit smoke out its mouth in certain songs. Great job with 4 video screen. One dead center behind the drum kit, that would spit in 2 at times.
What a great show! Energy, power, riffs, etc. Thank you guys and please always come back to Dallas!!!!

By Erick, :
This is gonna be short and sweet, as I'm not much of a writer. I saw AC/DC at Reunion Arena in Dallas TX last night and all I can say is WOW!!! This is the 6th time I have seen them in concert and they are as great as ever. If they haven't come to your city yet, and you don't have tickets, go out and buy them NOW! (you won't regret it)
Last night AC/DC put on one of the best, hardest rocking concerts I have ever seen.

By Lee Carver, :
Well I am only 15 years old and I have been always wanting to see AC/DC in concert. Well on Thursday, September 7, I finally got a chance to, I thought that they put on a spectacular show. Angus is one of the most wildest guys that I have ever seen. I am sort of disappointed that they didn't perform who made who, but otherwise I thought they were excellent.

By Drew S., :
This was my tenth time seeing AC/DC, and as usual the did not disappoint. It was classic after classic. All the AC/DC elements were there. The Angus strip, the Hells Bell, and the cannons for FTATRWSY. I was, however, surprised to hear Meltdown, and very surprised to see Angus playing slide guitar. Brian looked like he was having a ball all night. Slapping hands with fans and running around the stage like it was the first show of the tour.
I hope AC/DC comes back after they tour Europe.

By Highgear, :
One Hell of a Concert!! ACDC Kicked Ass in Dallas. If I could have gotten off work on the 8th, I would have driven 4 1/2 hours to see them again in Houston at the Compaq Center. I think Angus was born with a guitar in his hands. Where does this guy get so much energy? Angus and Brian, sure know how to work a crowd. The band was really in touch with the fans.
We stood the entire concert except when Slash's SnakePit was performing. They sucked bad!! We would have rather sat there and listened to the pre-concert music on tape and watched all of the pretty ladies trying to find their seats than to have been tortured by Slash's Snakepit.
Great show ACDC, with the best stage setup I've ever seen. Great special effects from the lights and the full statue of Angus in his school boy outfit that blew smoke from his nostrils. We loved it when angus came out in the middle of the arena and was elevated about 20 feet off the floor on a glass with him doing a great solo. On their song "for those about to rock, we salute you" I was expecting the cannons to go off but they still scared the shit out of me when they firs went off. I loved it. The Stripper was nice as well.
Brian's smokey voice is a trade mark but neither Brian or Angus could have done their stuff with out the great performance from Malcolm, Cliff and Phil. Thanks guys for a super great show!!