AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

Coming soon.

Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Phil Rudd - Drums


Supported by: Slash's Snakepit

Tickets: $43.00

Promoter: Sunshine Concerts

Capacity: 19,000

Attendance: 12,075

Fan reviews:

By Todd Stephens, :
It is now Monday morning 08/28/00 and my ears are still ringing from last night's concert in Indianapolis, Indiana. I have seen AC/DC perform many times thru out the years and last night I must say was just phenomenal. The guys were clearly enjoying themselves on stage. Brian Johnson and Angus Young were nonstop during the hole show. The stage it self was just awesome. I was only seven rows back from the stage and yes it was loud. In my opinion there was no downfalls to report about the show. A lot of the other reviews didn't talk very highly of Slashes Snake pit but I felt that the band sounded pretty damn good. The singer with dreadlocks at hand had a very strong, loud voice and at times seemed to dround out the band, but that is what I like in a band which is why I am such a big fan of Brian Johnson. With his unmistakable high pitched, very strong and gruffy vocals and a band like AC/DC it is a no brainer that yes you are in for a good time when you go and see the boys perform. You owe it to yourself to go and see AC/DC perform live. You will not be disappointed. That is a promise.

By Scott Fraker , :
My brother-in-law Rodney and myself drove an all day road trip of 700 miles to see the show of all rock and roll show's, and would do it again without any hesitation. Why because we did it to see AC/DC the '' only '' rock n roll band in the world. They did Safe In N.Y.C. in Conseco Fieldhouse home of the Indian Pacers that was a nice touch for all of us Pacer fans .Angus oh Angus he was wearing red and was like a Blazeing Guns For Hire, in that red school boy suit he's not changed a bit he still rules the stage as he strangles his S.G. Brian was awesome high fiveing fans and giving us what we wanted a great rock show from the greatest rock band he was great. As for Cliff, Phil and Malcolm they are the greatest backbone in rock, they're unstopable, they were awesome as always. The song set was the same as other shows, with the exception of Get It Hot being replaced with Safe In N.Y.C. The show was great AC/DC rocked the Fieldhouse. So now were waiting for AC/DC to SALUTE our home town Knoxville TN. I can't wait, until then ANGUS RULES.

By Laurie, :
I had never seen AC/DC live before 8/27/00. Best concert I have seen in a long time. Hells Bells rocked the house. But I must say For those about to rock was a show stopper to say the least. The pyrotechnics were great. Angus gave a legendary performance. Brian was in rare form. I hope they come to Ft. Wayne so I can see them again. Only this time I hope to get closer.

By Curtis Meyer, :
I don't know how they do it every night. I was also at the 1st show in Grand rapids and they were just as tight and energetic as a month ago. At times there were serious amounts of feedback coming out when Angus would stop playing or pause but as far as the band is concerned they were near perfect. Glad to see SINYC replace GIH.