AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

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Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Simon Wright - Drums


Event: Monsters Of Rock

Bill: AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Y&T, Accept, Motley Crue

Tickets: 11.00 / 12.00 Pounds

Promoter: M.C.P./ P.L.P.

Capacity: 45,000

Fan reviews:

By David Gatehouse, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK:
My immediate recollections of the day were that it was perfect festival weather... blindingly hot. All the opening acts played well and the idea of having Van Halen support AC/DC was a dream come true for me, as they were my two favourite acts and I hadn't seen Dave and the boys since '78 or '79. They played a blinder and the crowd went nuts - particularly on 'Hot For Teacher'.

Not AC/DC's best show of the dozens I have attended since first seeing them in '76 - and certainly not as good as their '81 or '91 Donington headliners. A lot of re-tuning and gaps between songs and too many numbers from the latest album, which was not my favourite. Also, the band seemed lethargic and a little subdued - perhaps they were worried about the rapturous reception Van Halen had got and, in truth, there are only a few bands who can follow Dave and Eddie.

On top of that, significantly, Phil's drumming was sorely missed. Simon Wright is perfectly competent, but only one man was BORN to sit on the 'DC drumstool!

But, hey a poor AC/DC show (or album) is better than anyone else can do and a great time was had by me and my friends.

As we wended our way back to the coach, tired but happy, everyone agreed that the lineup and the weather had combined to make for the perfect festival.

For me, the only outdoor events to better it - before or since - were Led Zepp at Knebworth '79; the Stones at Roundhay Park, Leeds, '82; and AC/DC themselves in Paris, '01.

David Gatehouse

By Stevo, Cambridshire:
Well it was a long time ago... and what a line up.. AC/DC..VAN HALEN..OZZY...GARY MOORE..Y&T..ACCEPT..MOTLEY CRUE... The best Donington line up ever? Well Motley Crue hit the stage (one of the first UK gigs i think), can't remember the set list but I remember a guitar being thrown into the crowd hitting some poor bloke on the head... OK lets skip to Van Halen..simple reason for that..a few beers consumed between Accept and Ozzy. Van Halen with DLR....great as you would expect all the showmanship, all the bass/guitar/drum solos. All in all a good effort from the Americans. Suns going down... Wow is that thunder nope its Angus. The intro to Guns For Hire..there he is..nope he's gone again nope hes back there he is .....nope gone again.....they kick of with a blistering version of Guns For Hire. This sets the scene for a great performance. All the classics are here, Sin City, The Jack, a few from Flick Of The Switch, can't remember the full set..(could cheat and look it up} but i'm trying to remember.. they close with For Those About To Rock as always. All in all a wonderful day, some great bands some great weather..some great beer... Oh and what a bottle fight best one I've ever seen at Donington..if you've been to Donington then you will know what I mean... AC/DC won the day. As always

By Jon Tooth, Berlin, Germany:
Was a pretty warm day - we got stuck in a bunch of big bikers - we were only 16ish and they kept twisting my mate's nipples for a laugh. At least they left mine alone. Whatever. I remember Gary Moore and Y&T being very boring, am sure Tommy Vance announced something or other and got booed a lot, Van Halen were very good and went down a storm until Eddie VH did a roughly six and a half hour long solo and they lost the momentum a bit. AC/DC came on and started with Guns For Hire - can't remember much of the rest of the set but they seemed to just about shade the big contest vs. VH ?

By Paul B, Manchester, NH USA:
Awesome line up of bands. Biggest memory is the sea of bottles filled with yellow liquid flying through the air during and after Van Halen. Got my head split open by one. Listened to AC/DC with my face covered in blood. I say listened because there were a bunch of giant people and girls sitting on guys shoulders in front of me who limited my view. Those girls were pelted with bottles to make them get down as they obstructed a lot of other peoples view as well. What fun a Donnington Show was in those days. AC/DC just got better and better as the sun went down.
Have spent lots of times reliving that show on YouTube... Wouldn't have missed it for anything.
I also remembered the wooden toilet facilities built at the back. They all had the doors kicked off and stolen and stashed for bonfires in the surrounding fields used as parking lots after the show.

By Mark Crown, Matlock, Derbyshire:
This was the second time I saw AC/DC and was really the only reason why I was there. Yes - there was an amazing bottle fight too that day and I remember the fires that were lit at sundown as we waited for the headlining act. It was a great atmosphere.

I didn't really understand Ozzy and had never been a fan; the German band Accept - no I didn't; Y&T seemed to have gone all soft after Black Tiger and I never liked the day-glo jumpsuits; Motley Crue - I agree, I've never been into 'big hair rock' and they sounded awful; Gary Moore - no - not my bag but I applauded politely but he should stick to guitar playing.

Van Halen? Well, at least I can say that I've seen them. The highlight though was when David Lee Roth just stopped the band dead when a bottle hit the stage. He then said 'I know who threw that bottle man! And after the show, I'm gonna **** your girlfriend!' and the band just started up again. Other than that I just didn't find them musical at all. They played 'Jump'! I didn't come to a hard rock concert to listen to synthesizers!!! OK?! Stick with the guitars will you!!!

So, when AC/DC finally hit the stage it was relief. 'Flick of the Switch' seems to be an album looked down on by many but I have no problems with it. It has a sparse quality rather like 'Let There Be Rock'. And look at the albums before it. There's not a bad one amongst them. Cut Angus and the Boys some slack. They've been providing wholesome rock to us for years.
All around me the whole crowd was moving to AC/DC - THE WHOLE CROWD man! And people were smiling and digging it and rocking out. For the first time that day! That tells you something! I tell you there is genuine affection for this band from listeners that I've not seen much of for others.

I went home satisfied - there was a great firework display afterwards too. I live in hope that they will tour one last time. And I will go on living in hope until I pass. LEGENDARY! A real bona fide LEGENDARY band. That's what AC/DC are.