AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

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Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Simon Wright - Drums


Supported by: Fastway

Promoter: Albatros

Fan reviews:

By Bruce A. Ritzen, Seattle, Washington/USA:
My first AC/DC concert! The opening acts were Fastway and Quiet Riot, both at the tops of their games; QR almost seemed to have as big a fan reaction as AC/DC. AC/DC played for about an hour and a half. This show is infamous for being the one that a moron shot a firework into the relatively new Tacoma Dome's wooden ceiling and it caught fire. Fortunately, the fire went out pretty fast. I thought it might be part of the show - the song during which that occurred was "This House is on Fire." No kidding! A great show all around, which led me to many more later.

By C Hall, Tacoma Wa:
That Moron was my boyfriend asshole. We were young and stupid,
never imagined it would stick in the roof and catch fire !
Still the show went on and no one got hurt. I paid for the roof to be repaired, well my parents did . It's all history .

By Jason Holt, Mercer Island, WA:
Say That You Will!! Fastway opened the show featuring "Fast" Eddie Clarke, formerly of Motorhead! I had just graduated from HS, and went with a few lady friends from Issaquah HS.
Quiet Riot was awesome too. But I got to tell you, AC/DC rocked the house, it was what we were waiting for, they were awesome, loud, and tight.
I saw the firework hit the ceiling, we were on the right of the stage (stage right), and we saw that the ceiling was burning all black on that new Tacoma Dome ceiling, but luckily it smothered out. Crazy night!!

By Alice Baker, Camano Island, WA:
It was my very first concert and very wild from what I remember. I walked down onto the floor and a large string of firecrackers was thrown down at my feet! I also remember looking over to my left and seeing a firework go up and it stuck in the ceiling and caught fire! Brian Johnson was singing "This House is on Fire" and pointing at the ceiling!

By Tbone, Olympia:
Im not real sure what C Hall is talking about. I was at this show, and know the girl that shot the flair gun into the roof.

By chall, tacoma wa:
TBone Oly.
Need to check your facts :
1. It wasn't a flare gun nor a Firework! It was a military signal flare, look it up !
2. It was not set off from the floor of the dome. We were in the upper stands.
3. It was my boyfriend that set it off after I carried it in.
I have arrest report and records to back my story !

By DKM , Lynnwood :
I sat three rows behind you. Straight back upper deck. If I remember correctly you were 14 or 15 and he was army boy. When security arrived I remember everyone pointing in your direction. And yes the song was "this house is on fire"... For real. I was thinking we better get outta the Dome before the fire gets out of hand but it died out after ten to twenty minutes.
Anyway... Your stupidly will always be a memory for many.

By Howard Bryant, Leesburg, Fl:
It was a wild night. I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Lewis. Me and about 4 buddies were on the floor about 30 feet into the crowd! That night Angus rode the shoulders of Brian Johnson within 5 feet of me It was a rowdy crowd, people hurling whiskey bottles on stage and Fastway and Quiet Riot had turned the place up! The fire in the dome scared the crap outta me I swear but it went out Thank God! The Perfect Show I went to many concerts after that one but none matched the intensity of that night I yell ya! I married my wife 2 months later and we're still together and she has never let me forget I didn't take her wow Memories ...I'm 61 and still a FAN!

By Mike Lowery, Auburn, WA:
My first concert. Flares, fires, M-80s, glow sticks... this show had it all. Quiet Riot was a major attraction as well. Bang your head!