AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

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Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Phil Rudd - Drums


Supported by: Y&T

Tickets: 6.00 Pounds

Promoter: M.C.P.

Fan reviews:

By Jon Tooth, Berlin, Germany:
First time I ever saw AC/DC - a load of us from school went and probably looked fairly pathetic with our bowl-cuts and denim jackets with one sew-on patch. We had tickets at the front though and there was no paying through the nose for them on e-bay. I know they definitely started with Live Wire (shame they don't any more) and I'm pretty sure the second song was Shot Down In Flames. Fairly soon after the start, Brian Johnson split his trousers and had to keep tucking his nuts back in during the next few songs. I think he changed his jeans during Angus' strip. I reckon they did C.O.D. and Let's Get It Up as well, plus I remember Dirty Deeds being really good. The only other thing I can recall was that Angus had really long hair but got it cut for the next night when they played Birmingham again - there was a feature on it in Kerrang.

By Karl Wakeman, Gloucester UK:
The set started with Hells Bells and finished with For Those About to Rock, that is if my memory serves me well.
The gig was awesome e'nuff said I have to admit I was skeptical about Brian but he proved well and truly to be the only possible successor to Bon.
Thank you guys for making a 17 year old's year.

By Pete Fisher, Birmingham , UK:
Well , I thought they started with Sin City but lets face it, it was over 30 years ago ! At the time I was a 16 year old spotty kid attending one of my earliest gigs . During the show the bit where Angus did his strip I was the lucky one that caught his schoolboy tie when he threw it into the audience . What a buzz ! So I stuffed it down my trousers and carried on with a top night out ! A great gig , the tie for a trophy really was the icing on the cake .

By Nick Sillence, Amsterdam, Netherlands.:
This concert was overwhelming for me; I'd stuck their pictures on my wall & idolised them but never seen them live. I was in the fan club so I got my ticket there, no-one else wanted to go so I went on my own - I wasn't missing their 1st UK concert in ages.

My fan club ticket was right down the front. I was just 16 & not ready for what actually seeing them right in front of me would do. There was a rather worn, pale curtain hiding them, as Cliff chugged out the opening of Live Wire (Jon's review here has it right - for years after I could recite the set list in order but now rely on my Letts 1982 Schoolboy's diary!) & it was only when the song really kicks in that the curtain went back, & there they all were, giving it everything, & it was almost as if my brain couldn't accept that the super-heroes from my bedroom wall were real, & there. I got a lump in my throat & just stood staring for a bit, but soon composed myself & was 'back in the room' ... impossible not to with 11,000 people going mental. What followed was the best roller-coaster ride I'd ever been on & I knew every turn. How could Angus thrash around like that & be so note-perfect?! I loved being asked by a girlfriend "is there something wrong with him?" - "no" I said, smiling.

Nice to read other people's memories of it, some I recall (Angus' unfeasibly long hair) & some I don't (Brian's clock-weights hanging out) ... I can add one or two myself: my front block ticket allowing a view of the wings, & Angus intermittently going there & inhaling from what looked like an oxygen tank & running back on ... & learning that cannons really do blow smoke rings ... & how many people there were dressed as Angus also struck me. My diary notes that I bought & t-shirt (sadly lost), programme & badge (those 2 I still have) ... Angus during his strip, pointing to his shorts, the last item of clothing, as if to say "these too?" - a big roar from the crowd was greeted with 2 fingers from Angus, & back into the song.

I'm reliably informed that he has a house in Holland - near Enschede I'm told - & despite being in my 50s I know that if I ever met him I'd still be like I was when the curtain went back. They will never be out of my life.

By Karl, Warwickshire, UK:
My first, of so many AC/DC gigs. I was 16 at the time and I remember some bits of it so well.
The night I went they definitely started with Hells Bells, pretty sure it was the 29th, I still remember the immense feeling that welled up inside, as the intro to the song built momentum.
The encore started with T.N.T. and ended with FTATR, which has been customary ever since.
Still think the original cannon's were the best.
We were towards the front and my mother who had become an AC/DC fan from listening to my albums (small house, loud music), was in the stand at the back. Later found out she had a small pair of binocular's and had spotted me and my mate smoking (which was news to her).
Good job I was deaf on the way home, lol.

By Durcan, Swansea, UK:
I was 14 when I got my ticket to the concert through the mail from the fan club. My ticket was in the front row at the Birmingham NEC. I went up to Birmingham by train with 2 school friends. We got there early enough to hear AC/DC do their sound check. I was horrified by the volume and asked a massive biker if he wanted to swap seats. He said “Yes, but you’d regret it later, so no.” I remember how good the support band Y&T were. During the concert as some one already wrote, Brian split his trousers. He turned around during a song and pointed at his arse to show the split and roared “It’s fuck’n good t’ be back.”
From my diary the set list was:
Live wire
Shot down in flames
Sin city
Shoot to thrill
Back in black
Bad boy boogie
Hells bells
Rock n roll ain't noise pollution
Highway to hell
Let's get it up
Dirty deeds
Whole lotta rosie
Let there be rock
You shook me all night long
For those about to rock

My friends and I went out to the side of the motorway after the concert and hitched a ride home with one my friends dad who drove a massive truck for Rowntrees chocolate company. After the concert, I couldn't hear a damn thing for 3 days.