AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set List:

Coming soon.

Line Up

Angus Young - Lead Guitar
Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
Brian Johnson - Lead Vocals
Cliff Williams - Bass
Phil Rudd - Drums


Supported by: Nantucket

Tickets: $5.00 / 7.50

Promoter: Pace Concerts

Capacity: 11,325

Attendance: 9,310

Fan reviews:

By Mike Herring, Sugar Land, TX.:
Hmmm...don't really know how to write a concert review, but....AC/DC in the Sam Houston Coliseum 8/26/80 was pretty spectacular for me, because it was my FIRST major concert to attend! Would love to find a video of it.

By David West, Houston, TX:
We were all wondering how AC/DC would sound without Bon. Well, I think we all know how that turned out. Totally dark Coliseum and then, the bell. One of the most spine tingling moments in my life to that point and from then on also. The opening riff to Hells Bells was surreal. At one point later in the show, Brian put Angus on his shoulders and started walking/running around the perimeter of the Coliseum floor while Angus never missed a lick. One hell of a show that I will never forget.

By Colleen Daus, Channelview, TX:
What a great show! This was back in the day we had to wait in line sometimes all night outside of the Montgomery Ward to buy tickets when they went on sale the next morning because that's where Ticketmaster was. And you could actually do that, and be first in line and actually get great seats, even front row! What a show and still a vivid memory, standing on my FRONT ROW seat, struggling to hold my ground because there were so many fans that rushed the stage. Good times and great memories!