AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

Exact set list unknown, but very similar to this.

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Sin City
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • The Jack
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Rocker
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Bon Scott - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supporting: Journey

    Bill: Journey, AC/DC, New England

    Promoter: Robert Duncan

    Fan reviews:

    By Terry Bruce, Angleton,Tx USA:
    My husband and I attended the concert with some friends - none of us had ever heard of AC/DC - as many of the other people in attendance. They opened for Journey (who we were there to see)- but AC/DC rocked the house that night!!!!

    We may not of heard them before but we know what we like - they received stage call after stage call - it was totally the bomb - they put Journey to shame and I hate to say that because I am a Journey fan - but they are no AC/DC.

    Angus was great in his school uniform dancing back and forth on the stage the lights went down and there he was in his boxers with red hearts - lol - then he was on someones shoulders running through the crowd - still playing his guitar of course!

    This has to be one of the best concerts I have ever been too - everyone on their feet - dancing and clapping and having a HIGH old time. After that nite I became a hard core AC/DC fan!!!

    By Heavy Duty, Houston, TX:
    I was there with my best friends. We went to see Journey. Like most people, never heard of AC/DC. They must have played for 90 minutes. I think Angus was on Bon Scott's shoulders, all the way up to the balcony and back. He never missed a lick. He was back and forth on the stage, never stopped. We were floored. Journey was almost boring but they pulled off a good show. Tied for 1 of 2 best concerts I ever went to see.

    By Robert Y, Spring, Texas:
    This was my 19th birthday and a friend of mine who was a weekend DJ at one of the Houston radio station got us tickets and back stage passes. The concert was amazing and AC/DC really blew away the headliner Journey. I remember Bon Scott taking Angus on his shoulders and going around in the crowd from upper deck to the floor and back up on stage, all the while Angus was doing what Angus does. It was the first time I had ever seen a guitar and mic with an antenna and no cord. Back stage I got to meet Bon Scott and I remember Steve Perry being way shorter than he looked on stage, like 5’-6” with 4’ of hair. Amazing show and memory.