AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

Exact set list unknown, very similar to this.

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Sin City
  • Gone Shootin'
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Rocker
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Bon Scott - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supporting: Blue Oyster Cult

    Bill: Blue Oyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC

    Tickets: $6.50 / 7.50

    Capacity: 10,200

    Fan reviews:

    By Mark Vincent, Wilmington, North Carolina, New hanover:
    I was just 14 a freshman in high school and had just bought Powerage on the strength of Sin City which I heard on the radio. I was so psyched for this show (also with Thin Lizzy and Blue Oyster Cult). I could actually taste the energy when AC/DC took the stage and about DIED when later in the show when Bon appeared with Angus on his shoulders mid-arena and carried him thru the crowd and to the stage while playing. It was only my 3rd concert ever and remains one of my favorite shows EVER!!!

    By Ken Weitzel, Loudon, TN:
    I was 15 and couldn't wait to see BOC.
    No one I knew could tell me anything about the opening act (AC/DC). No one was really paying attention when the show started, we where there to hear Don't fear the reaper and Godzilla and maybe some Thin Lizzy, Boys are Back in town, Jailbreak. Boy we sure we're in for a surprise! Before long everybody was wondering who the hell are these guys. Every song was better than the last. I think they were testing some stuff out for their new album Powerage or maybe some stuff for Highway to Hell but they blew the doors off the place.
    By the end of their set they had the whole place rockin', everyone was out of their mind could not believe how good those guys were. Thin Lizzy came out for their set played their two hits and after that were booed off the stage because the opening act just blew them away. Had to wait an hour and a half because Blue Oyster Cult was not ready to play at but when they came out it was all worth the wait but I'll never forget how good that opening band was and I had no idea who the hell they were before I saw them that night. I can only wonder how good this band really could have been even better had Bon Scott not died.

    By Brad Porter, Rochester Ny:
    Totally agree with the other cat. I was like 16 I saw and I remember being pretty bent about having delay out over seven dollars. Yeah it was only Blue Öyster Cult, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC with Bon Scott.

    We were there to see the Cult, and Phil Lynott with Thin Lizzy.

    And while we’re burning a fat bowl of Columbian, this crazy dude with a cordless guitar, which was pretty wild at the time along with tattooed up bad ass Bon Scott, absolutely blew us away!

    Between Angus Young ripping the strings off that Axe and Bon Scott with such an original hard metal vocal it was mind melting. And I think Angus came out into the crowd on Scott’s Shoulders!

    They absolutely stole the show! I went right out and got the record, it was really that good.

    After the show I was thinking how anybody could shake their head up and down continually for the entire show like Angus Young did without him incurring some sort of brain damage!