AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

Exact set list unknown, very similar to this.

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Sin City
  • Gone Shootin'
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Rocker
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Bon Scott - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supporting: Savoy Brown

    Tickets: $6.50 / 7.50

    Promoter: Dick Klotzman

    Capacity: 2,448

    Fan reviews:

    By Craig Mauler, Pasadena,Md USA:
    It was the first of a hand-ful of times that I'd seen the most Powerful Band in the World!!
    They opened up for Savoy Brown who had the hit Tell-Mama.
    The venue only held around 5 thousand. The first time I ever even heard of the Band, I was working second shift in a GM Car factory on Broening Highway in Dundalk,Md. It was lunch time and back then you could go out and get a cold Beer ! A friend of mine in the plant new this guy named George who worked in our department and he had this Bad 69 Z -28. George invited us to go in his car too the Package store for a coldy since it was 110 Degrees in the Plant. In the 8 Track Stereo was High Voltage ! I Loved it and couldn't get enough of it!!!
    Now it's a few months later and another friend had tickets for the Show and said he had two extras and asked me if I'd like to go.
    All I almost forget the Review!
    I was Center-Stage second row, I didn't what was about to become my favorite Band of all time . They walked out Bon in Jeans a T-shirt and Jean vest ! They started and Angus came flying, I mean running head wailing up and down across the stage and I started laughing uncontrolably . I thought he was going to break his neck . They Blew the Roof off of that small place and when it was over I'd known I'd just seen something that very few would have ever gotten to see. No offense to Savoy but they got shot down in FLAMES!!!

    By Craig mauler, Pasadena md usa:
    It was a hot August night . The Band came out and played I would say about three songs, and the air conditioning blew up. It was hotter than hell in that place but it didn't stop them!
    I remember them playing Rocker,Bad Boy Boogie, Problem Child which was getting a lot of Radio play at the time . They also played Whole Lotta Rosie and Let There Be Rock last. Bon and Angus took their shirts off but Angus did his little Strip Tease to Bad Boy which was hysterical.
    I remember Bon saying its getting hot in here, you couldn't breathe but it didn't stop them from blowing Savoy Brown into another atmosphere !
    Bon carried Angus right past me on his shoulders, by time they were done and Savoy came out I could have cared less because my new favorite Band was Blowin up a Storm!




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  • 27 Aug. 1978: Owing Mills, Painters Mill
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