AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

Exact set list unknown, very similar to this.

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Sin City
  • Gone Shootin'
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Rocker
  • Let There Be Rock
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Bon Scott - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supporting: Rainbow

    Promoter: Ron Delsener

    Capacity: 3,400

    Note: Due to technical problems Rainbow only plays 3 songs.

    Fan reviews:

    By James Damone, Staten Island, NY:
    We came to see Ritchie Blackmore because of the great Rainbow albums but this ass-kickin band came out and blew up the place. Angus got on the roadie's shoulder and he blazed up and down the aisles. We could not believe the energy this band had and the way Mr.Young played and Bon Scott screamed. When Rainbow finally got on stage they played a couple of songs then they had a loud feedback problem with Blackmore's wireless set-up and they could not fix it. They just gave up after 15 minutes of trying to correct it and the lights came on and the show was over, very strange even for rock and roll. On the way home we argued that AC/DC sabotaged the show or Rainbow knew they could not top the performance of the Australian rockers.

    By Pete Ross, Harrison, Nj USA:
    I went there to see Blackmore's Rainbow for the 3rd time. I remember them only playing 2 songs. Although I had never heard of AC/DC at the time I walked out of the theatre completely drained and satisfied that I had seen something special that night.

    By Frank Colletta, Astoria, NY:
    This was my 1st concert - as I was 14 years old at the time. I went to see Blackmore's Rainbow and AC/DC was the opening act - who I had not previously heard of. I remember that there was a feeling in the crowd that AC/DC was more of a punk rock band. But, this was probably not based on the music, but more on Angus Young's clothes and guitar-playing style. AC/DC played less than an hour and put on an excellent show. Rainbow then came on and played a couple of songs(including "Mistreated") and then the lights came on. There was some confusion as to what was happening and then it was announced shortly after - that the concert was being cancelled due to technical problems. I remember walking out deeply disappointed and was hoping the show would be re-scheduled at a future date. It never was. This was the only - of many concerts - I went to that was ever cancelled in this manner. Given that this was my 1st concert - including seeing AC/DC during their early years at a smaller venue and the events that later unfolded - I will never forget this night.

    By Mark Walters, Atlanta GA:
    As I look back over the years at the concerts I have attended, I wish I had known then what I know now. Detroit COBO Hall- KISS 1975 that put the band on the map, Elvis-Chrysler Arena Ann Arbor MI 1976 one year before he died, Bob Seger at Yost Field House Ypsilanti, MI 1975 when he was a mere local garage band, among others including Black Sabbath at Madison Square Garden with opening Act Van Halen on their first tour, etc. Among many other amazing acts during their early years, I can honestly say that I have participated in Rock n Roll History... but THIS show is one that stands above the rest... Very few people knew who AC/DC was at this time and most folks were there to see Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio. I was an AC/DC fan also and was one of the few there to see them both. I was seated 12th row on the aisle and will NEVER forget Angus jumping on Bon's shoulders and running up that aisle, stopping right next to me jamming like nobody's business, I believe Whole Lotta Rosie... I may be wrong but do remember that being the tune... I also will never forget, and never forgave Blackmore and Rainbow for their sorry ass excuse of leaving the stage that night after two songs... I distinctly remember there being some terrible noise distortion and the lights coming on followed by an announcement that the show was over. I thought the house was going to come down but like everyone else in attendance that night in NYC, we all realized we had witnessed a rock n roll act who's destiny was nothing short of eternal rock greatness. In hindsight, there is no doubt in my mind that Rainbow bailed because they knew they could never follow the act that had preceded them... even if I'm wrong, the technical difficulties that night worked in their favor and saved them the reviews that would have stated the obvious, that AC/DC kicked their ASS ...and I was there.

    By Robert Mullen, Boulder City, NV:
    My best friend from HS, Scott Wernick and I went to go see Rainbow as we were big fans of Richie Blackmore. We had no clue as to whom the opening band was going to be playing that night. AC/DC came on and I remember them being really raucous and full of energy! I mentioned to Scott that Rainbow will have their work cut out for them to top what we just experienced. Rainbow came out, played two songs, and then a loud burst from the stage during the 3rd song... then shortly the lights went on and some announcement about technical problems. I swear they mentioned something about AC/DC messing up the sound system or something. As we all left the Palladium confused as to what had happened, riots almost broke out, people were pretty pissed off about Rainbow leaving us all hanging. However, we had AC/DC etched in our brains after this show.

    By Johnny B, NYC:
    Went to this show with my brother Tommy--had never heard of AC/DC, until this night---they put on one hell of a show, with Angus playing/running all thru the audience with his cordless guitar. Incredible energy/synergy between the crowd and the band...
    Rainbow came out, played 2 songs, then Blackmore dropped his strat and walked off, later citing "speaker problems"--Ronnie James Dio comes out and explains that "Ritchie wants to give u his best, but cannot due to the "speaker problems"--So, show over--would have been a full scale riot, except for AC/DC, who made sure that everybody got their ya-ya's out beforehand
    Seen AC/DC 20 times since.....

    By Nicholas Pierro, Broad Channel, NY USA:
    My friends and I bought tickets to see Rainbow. I was 18 years old. We never heard of AC/DC before. There was a wino outside the Palladium screeming that AC/DC were faggots. AC/DC, at the time, was a derogatory term for bisexuals. That wino was arrested on the corner of 3rd Ave and 14th Street in dramatic fashion to our entertainment. We had no idea what to expect. Well, AC/DC almost blew the roof off of the theater! We couldn't keep still nor could I take it all in. Everywhere you looked was energy. After that, we all drank some wine, as they sold Matteus wine. I huge neon sign used to come down on stage between bands that said Matteus at the Palladium. The lights went down and Rainbow hit the stage. They were amazing but they could not match the energy of AC/DC. After 3 songs, Blackmore jumped in =him limo on 13th Street and took off. The crowd went crazy. BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! was chanted and people were throwing stuff at the stage. Ronnie James Dio came out. He said Richie's guitar was not sounding right and he didn't want to disappoint us. Well, that poor excuse is what didn't sound right. His guitar was perfect. My friend's older brother was working security at the back door. He said Richie was pissed off because the lighted rainbow that framed the stage was not working. Well, we didn't see a rainbow so it sounded legit but to leave? I learned later Blackmore was a prima donna. It took many years for me to find video of this rainbow working. I finally did. It did look pretty cool and maybe it was what was needed to get the crowd back so I can understand. They told us we could trade our tickets for a future show. I traded them for Blue Oyster Cult and This Lizzy so it was a win win win in my book.

    By Patrick Farley, ENY Brooklyn, N.Y., USA:
    I won't rewrite what's already been written, and quite accurately as I recall, by previous fans except to say my girlfriend, my best friend and I went to the show to see Rainbow but we were very aware of ACDC and very much looking forward to what we had heard about their shows. We were not at all disappointed with ACDC!!!
    I'm still a huge fan of their music and that night solidified it for me!
    I've long lost contact with that girlfriend and onetime best friend, and very foolishly returned my ticket stubs for a refund (IDIOT!) but the memory of that night when I was 17 is one I'll cherish for all time!
    Thanks to the band for years of great music and this site for the opportunity to say that!