AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

AC/DC Tour History

ac/dc tour history

Set list

Exact set list unknown, very similar to this.

  • Live Wire
  • Problem Child
  • Sin City
  • Rock 'n' Roll Damnation
  • Bad Boy Boogie
  • High Voltage
  • Whole Lotta Rosie
  • Rocker
  • Line Up

    Angus Young - Lead Guitar
    Malcolm Young - Rhythm Guitar
    Bon Scott - Lead Vocals
    Cliff Williams - Bass
    Phil Rudd - Drums


    Supporting: Aerosmith

    Promoter: John Bauer

    Capacity: 11,000

    Fan reviews:

    By Dennis Dwyer, springfield oregon 97477:
    Awesome concert as AC/DC blew out a monitor or two before Aerosmith played and Tyler was pissed.

    By Ross Riddle, Narcoossee Florida USA:
    I was 17 when I saw this show. Bon Scott rocked the place! AC/DC has been my number one band to watch play live, over the years. I remember back then how easy it was to smuggle in contraband,lol.... Now you use your phone for lights in place of bic lighters. The good ol days, gone but not forgotten. Many greats are no longer with us today. We just lost Chris Cornell. All any of us can do is sit back and enjoy the music, past and present. Rock on!

    I remember them doing Gone Shootin' while Bon Scott carried Angus way out into the crowd on his shoulders while a crew member rolled out cord for the guitar. They stole the show, Aerosmith had very poor sound quality and was so loud at times it hurt your head. Joe Perry had to carry Steven Tyler piggyback out to the microphone then they started what could have been a good show if you could hear it good.

    By Cliff Nichols, Auburn Washington:
    This was my first concert ever....and nobody had heard of AC/DC....but everybody there knew who they were after! AC/DC blew the walls off the venue!

    By jim, portland oregon:
    I'd never heard of this group before but as much as I love Aerosmith they blew them off the stage. This was Aerosmith's bad time post Draw the line.

    By Bobby G., Tampa, FL:
    AC/DC was awesome, but Aerosmith was so loud I couldn't tell what song they were playing. I'd never heard of AC/DC before but became an instant fan. One of the highlights occurred when Bon Scott carried Angus out on his shoulders and Angus tried to kiss one of the female fans standing on the metal chairs, but she turned away in disgust as he was dripping in sweat.

    By S.Rodgers , USA:
    Was my first concert.. was already getting into AC/DC but loved Aerosmith. AC/DC owned the show... so good... Aero was too loud and every song had dragged out endings. Still love both bands, and being a drummer myself, totally respect and honor them. The good old days.